SynthesisVR 3.1

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Hi Fellow Arcade Owners,

Along with all the excitement with the SynthesisVR 3.0 release, we also received great requests for new functionalities and business models.

Thank you for being such an awesome community!

What is new in SynthesisVR 3.1:

Save games:

We removed the required initial setup for the game progress functionality (also refereed as “save game per customer”). The functionality now works automatically with any deployment.

Classic arcade billing:

At SynthesisVR, we do not follow the trends – we creates them. It is with great pleasure that we announce the support for the classic arcade business model. As of version 3.1, you are able to run sessions that are not fixed in duration, but runs as long as a game is running. The first supported title is the legendary Space Pirate Trainer.

As example, you can charge $8 for a single SPT game or $20 for 3 credits. To give this even more meaning, you can have “Thursday Open Doors” from 4pm to 10pm (as usual, it is you who sets the rules) and let your customers play as long as they can (yes – SynthesisVR would offer fixed monthly fee for SPT).


Just run your sessions with actual customers instead as “Guest sessions” and SynthesisVR would take care and collect the scores for you. All that would come as a beautiful widget for your website (some final touches still pending).

The scoreboard widgets supports all session models (time based / classic / other upcoming models).

Game variations:

Now you can create “custom” games based on the games installed on your VR stations. To give you an example, the “Longbow” game is the most popular one among all the games included in “The Lab”. You can create a new game variant named “Longbow” and set it to directly start the Longbow game. This would save your operators some time explaining to your customers what they should initially do.


Looking for more cool functionalities? We have a lot planned for SynthesisVR 3.2, so stay tuned !

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