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Los Angeles, CA (January 26, 2021) — Synthesis VR is always hard at work. Focussing on how we can increase efficiency and make an operator’s life easier when it comes to daily operations in a location-based entertainment center. Synthesis VR was born by like-minded VR entertainment center owners who wanted to create a solution that would increase operator efficiency, features that will benefit a business, and ultimately be a tool of success.

Location-Based entertainment centers have shifted focus from introducing the tech of virtual reality (VR) which was prevalent in the early days of VR Arcades, to creating experiences that are specific to locations that cannot be easily replicated at homes with the advent of various VR Headsets that become more and more affordable. Synthesis VR works with developers worldwide and our goal is to bring games and experiences that cater to enhancing LBVR experiences with multiplayer and Free Roam games that bring friends and families to locations.

With this in mind, we created Synthesis VR launch options in late 2019 and have been refining this ever since. Synthesis VR has been working with developers in integrating our Synthesis VR launch options. By integrating our launch APIs at a deeper level with the games the Operator is now able to select certain multiplayer and Free Roam games, Modify player names, select characters, and other game options before launching the game.


With various networks and equipment involved with VR locations worldwide, the different broadband providers and software involved, headsets, and how they function have caused various connectivity issues. and one of the biggest nightmares faced by locations is bringing multiple players together in an efficient manner without connectivity issues.

Introducing Version 3.18

We are very happy to introduce version 3.18. We have been working very hard in regards to improving operator efficiency by improving our multiplayer network negotiation process. Making it much more robust to various network and station conditions. Improving Stability and connectivity. If one or certain player gets disconnected the Synthesis VR proxy module will notify all the other stations of this so players can easily join. Now with version 3.18, a multiplayer game can be started by the players themselves with the use of the VR dashboard.

Please see the above video on how Synthesis VR transforms your experience and take it to the next level.

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