Access Point 3.18.X – Release Notes

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Version 3.18.9 – 27th April, 2021:

  • The Microsoft suggested functionality for bringing applications and games in front has been replaced with another one that has a much higher chance for success.
  • Bugfix: launching a single-player instance of multiplayer games and from a multi-station session was working only through the in-VR menu. It now works equally well through any other method of launching.
  • Bugfix: If a CDN delivered game is about to be remotely installed and it’s not yet a known game in the network, the Access Point may hangup
  • Upon starting a game, the volume for the exe will be set to 100% in the Windows Mixer
  • Other minor improvements

Version 3.18.8 – 14th April, 2021:

  • Various optimizations to the automated network negotiation for the multiplayer games:
    • Fixed an issue that happens when the player is about to start a multiplayer game through the VR launcher and the operator performs the same through the web administration
    • New: broadcasting an End-Of-Session signal to inform stations that are not part of the current session — useful when there are involved out-of-the-session stations (Game Servers / Spectator PCs)
  • The desktop’s Access Point application now scales properly when the Windows zoom level is set above 100%
  • New: you can set the size for your free-roam space by going under the games management, click on the game you want to set and look for the “Extra Settings” tab.
  • New: upon starting a session with a preselected multiplayer game, the VR launcher will display the message “Get Ready! Your game will start soon!”. This is useful when it takes longer for the operator to set the player names. With the previous versions, the players were seeing the regular VR menu and this could be confusing if they expend to land in the game. The new text can be changed/translated through the “Arcade Menu Translation” administration option.
  • The SynthesisVR Proxy is updated to 3.18.8

Version 3.18.6 – 18th March, 2021:

  • The desktop shortcuts for any newly installed CDN game would no longer point directly to the exe, but to a local URL that will launch the game through the SynthesisVR Access Point.
  • Other minor adjustments in regards to different custom setups.

Version 3.18.5 – 8th March, 2021:

  • A new “Multiplayer Priority” setting (under VR Stations >> Edit >> Advanced), allowing better hardware resource management for the LAN multiplayer games.

Version 3.18.4 – 4th March, 2021:

  • Multiple “Engine” optimizations related to starting multiplayer games on only some of the session stations.
  • Collecting data about the installed DirectX and Windows versions, so we can better suggest third-party software and required related updates.
  • In order to better suggest game’s game requirements, we now collect data about the system’s RAM and CPU
  • SteamVR 3.16.8 is added for installation through the Access Point. This takes off the need of having a Steam account for stations running only CDN content.
  • Overall improvements

Version 3.18.3 – 22th February, 2021:

  • The “game” variable is added to the Engine. This way the countdown timer can be set to visualize the game. Example setting:
    • svr:game|[pcname]#
  • Leaderboard support for Propagation: Top Squad
  • Support for “SynthesisVR Leaderboard v2021.1”
  • Overall improvements

Version 3.18.2 – 11th February, 2021:

  • The old 2D (called “V3”) hasn’t been updated for over a year and is now officially retired from the platform. It served us well but is now removed in favor of the more superior and functionality-rich V4 (now permanent for everyone).
  • Improved per-game segmentation within the same running session.

Version 3.18.1 – 4th February, 2021:

  • New:
    • Access Point – Live data to the “Your Arcade” page, pushing information about the current game
    • Web Administration – Displaying the current game under both, the Standard and Timeline views. Clicking on the game image provide options to stop the current game for one or multiple stations from the current session
    • Proxy – support for the above functionalities
    • Option to assign the individual player names at the session start. The name is populated automatically for the games supporting name provisioning. It, as well, is synchronized with the Access Point’s countdown timer and the Leaderboard data.
  • Minor adjustments to the Standalone game server module

Version 3.18.0 – 25th January, 2021:

  • Improvements to the multiplayer’s network negotiation process – making it much more robust to various network and station conditions.
  • The Proxy will notify all other stations if one of them suddenly disconnection from a multiplayer session
  • A multiplayer network session can be initialized through the 2D launcher
  • Stability improvements
  • Additional functionalities needed for yet unreleased games
  • Improvements to the Voice Chat application – it now auto-detects and restart the call upon certain issue cases

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