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Los Angeles, CA (January 11, 2021) — SynthesisVR is proud to bring Propagation: Top Squad in collaboration with Wanadev Studio to all the location-based entertainment centers around the world.

Combining survival horror and wave shooting, Propagation: Top Squad will get your adrenaline pumping as you try to survive the apocalypse brought on by a mysterious virus. Though there are many zombie and wave shooters in virtual reality, only a handful of games are considered hugely enjoyable.

Propagation: Top Squad is one of the very few games where you can combine your fists and weapons to eliminate hordes of zombies individually or as a team. Unlike typical wave shooters Propagation: Top Squad combines a cool storyline, in which players take on the role of a group of soldiers who have landed in a city ravaged by a zombie apocalypse. They are responsible for restarting the military ARES devices (kinds of anti-zombie antennas) placed in the city before the end of the allotted time.

A word from the developers

“Wanadev Studio is pleased to announce the launch of Propagation: Top Squad on the Synthesis VR platform. We are impressed by the responsiveness of the Synthesis VR team, and the ease at which we integrated our first game into Synthesis VR content store. Our studio has been very productive in 2020 despite the coronavirus crisis, and Synthesis VR is a partner we can count on. Propagation: Top Squad has already met success with LBVR operators and players in France and Belgium. Now with this partnership, we are excited to bring Propagation: Top Squad to all the locations and players worldwide to discover and play this game we put a lot of effort and love in.  Synthesis VR is the game distributor we were looking for as a partner, they will make our VR games more accessible to LBVR players all over the world.”

What makes Propagation: Top Squad great for locations?

Thanks to amazing graphics, Varied story paths, and different endings, players can come back to replay and discover various options offered by the game thus increasing customer retention which is a must for VR entertainment centers. With SynthesisVR, locations can easily manage and license content with ease and by delivering games that cater to VR entertainment locations, launch options that make it easy for operators to join multiple players, and various other features catered specifically to increase efficiency, we believe in creating a platform that will help locations navigate the current global crisis better in terms of customer retention, management efficiency, and the latest entertainment content.

For questions related to the game or Synthesis VR please email info@synthesisvr.com

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