Jousting Time

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Jousting Time

2 Player Action Hits Synthesis VR

Los Angeles, California – Feb 11th, 2020


“We recently started running ‘Jousting Time’ at our events for our arcade.  Amazing how quickly the room ignites.  There is nothing quite like watching a person ride a sawhorse and yell like a person on fire…people are instantly drawn to watching, then they want to give it a go.  Fun and laughs for everyone.  You can even participate from a mobile app to throw items at the jousters!  We need more party games like this one…”


Jousting Time is a great experience for families to play together, especially first time VR users.  We have seen children old and young play with their parents and enjoy the experience.  There is a lot of laughing and high energy.”

These are some of the familiar things that is said widely about Jousting Time, a popular PVP game that is a must have for all locations.

Pick your weapon of choice and mount your trusted steed – it is time to duel!

In the hilariously hectic medieval game, you will rock, ride and joust as you strive for eternal glory. So gallop firmly, strike with confidence and the set the crowd afire as you take down your foe – it is Jousting Time!

LBEVR locations are looking at games that bring repeated customers and the ability to bring people together and have a great fun overall. Jousting Time is a perfect game where it brings people together creating a party atmosphere and the great thing is spectators can participate with their smartphones throwing stuff at the participants, making it a blast for everyone involved.


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