SynthesisVR is Bringing Immersive Education To LBEVRs Worldwide With VictoryXR

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SynthesisVR is Bringing Immersive Education To LBEVRs Worldwide With VictoryXR

Virtual reality is the most engaging medium that’s ever existed. Completely removed from any distractions, the person inside the headset is focused on only one thing. In an era where distractions have never been so abundant with smartphones, and endless news feeds, being able to completely block out the outside world is a powerful tool. Victory XR understands the power of learning in VR and have created the most extensive library of VR educational content available. Like VR itself, virtual reality venues are experiencing a high level of engagement within the communities they occupy. With frequent local new stories and rapid word to mouth endorsements, people are intrigued by the location-based VR experience.


Newton’s House Of Forces. A VR Physics Class.

Victory XR makes learning fun with virtual comic books, games, movies, and field trips. The courses are led by award-winning science teacher, Wendy Martin, and are aligned with NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). The total suite consists of dozens of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) apps, and available immediately for one monthly subscription, both to Synthesis subscribers, and non-subscribers through synthesis VR’s free content delivery platform. 





Victory XR has done their homework, leveraging their own expertise, university research, and publications, including the Research in the Learning Technology Journal, to design its new aged curriculum. One such study was done at the University of Warwick.  Three groups of students were assigned to three different types of learning: fully immersive VR environment, traditional textbook-style materials, or 2-D video of the VR environment. They all learnt about the same subject (biology), and had their learning, emotional response, and learning experience measured. Researchers found that positive emotions were rated higher for the group who experienced the VR learning method, followed by textbook, then video learning. VR students also performed better than students learning with video, showing that the active interaction with the VR environment helped improve learning. Many students reported video learning as ‘basic’ and ‘boring’ where as VR was described as ‘engaging’ and ‘made learning more exciting.”


With this partnership between Victory XR and Synthesis, VR arcades and venues will now be able to expand their role in providing the community access to this engaging new way of learning. To learn more on offering Victory XR educational content at your venue, please contact

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