Access Point – 2017 – 2018 Updates

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Version 3.5.1 – 19th December, 2018

  • Minor adjustments
  • Self repair upon hardware changes

Version 3.5 – 6th December, 2018

  • OpenVR API updated to version 1.1.3
  • Usage tracking optimizations related to changes in Steam
  • support for Shooty Fruity Arcade
  • Implementation of a new SteamVR functionality, preventing the menu selection to sometimes interfere with the game running in the background

Version 3.4.1 – 21th November, 2018

  • Idle Playback through the GPU
  • Bug Fix – Richie’s Plank Experience doesn’t automatically close at the end of the sessions

Version 3.4 – 23th October, 2018

  • Performance optimizations
  • Static Desktop Timer
  • Updated OpenVR API
  • Optimized offline mode
  • Optimized shut down detection

Version 3.2 – 23th August, 2018

  • Performance optimizations
  • Updated 2D VR Menu. HTML/js customization is supported
  • Multi lingual VR menu support
  • Fully fledged NFC support
  • Balance sharing payment model
  • Mixcast auto provisioning and capturing/streaming support
  • Scoreboard support for Beat Saber
  • Enhanced save game support (including support for “Apex Construct”)
  • Uplay library support

Version 3.1 – 15th May, 2018

  • Added “VR Menu Mirror” popup
  • Unlocked “Classic Mode” for Space Pirate Trainer
  • Support for “Pay per game” business model
  • Support for creating game variations (as example, you can create shortcut for “Longbow” from “The Lab”)
  • Scoreboard support for Space Pirate Trainer + more upcoming titles
  • Monitor interface optimizations

Version 3.0 – 25th April, 2018

  • We got rid of the static desktop window that was accompanying SynthesisVR since our first release
  • Added new desktop menu
  • Now, you can use SynthesisVR while being offline. Enjoy your remove events and demos!
  • Better 2D VR menu – we added animations, game trailers and descriptions. All that can be customized (and translated) via your SynthesisVR admin account.
  • Upon licensing a game trough SynthesisVR, that game would be automatically activated

Version 2.1.0 – 3th March, 2018

  • Speed and stability improvements
  • Workarounds for known SteamVR issues
  • The Stunnel third party software is no longer needed with the VR Server mode, respectively it is removed from the distribution

Version 2.0.4 – 12th February, 2018

  • New functionalities in regards to the multi-language support

Version 2.0.3 – 25th January, 2018

  • Support for Oculus Home
  • Scroll Support for Oculus Touch
  • Support for Revive
  • Optimizations related to non-English Windows 10 OS
  • Firewall rules now apply by default for all network profiles
  • Define own payment profiles
  • Multi-language support and language moderators
  • Update to the latest OpenVR API

Version 2.0.2 – 22th December, 2017

  • General Improvements

Version 2.0.1 – 6th December, 2017

  • API for integration of third party softwares
  • Optimized support for the new functionalities under the Management Portal
  • Walk-in Sessions
  • Square support
  • Online survey tools
  • New documentation directory

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