Access Point – 2019 Updates

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Version 3.12 – 30th October, 2019

Version 3.11 – 10th October, 2019

Version 3.10 – 12th September, 2019

Version 3.9.9 – 9th September, 2019

  • Improved handling of OpenVR errors
  • Latest OpenVR API
  • Introducing Quick SynthesisVR Update Process
  • Emergency/Panic Mode

Version 3.9.8 – 21st August, 2019

  • Official KATVR Support (Required KAT I/O version: 2.5.6 or newer)
  • Access Point update – clicking on a game brings a game menu with a [Start | Add Desktop Shortcut | Open Folder | Verify Installation] buttons
  • Stability improvements to the Standalone Game Server module
  • Additional protection against hung games after a session end

Version 3.9.7 – 12th August, 2019

  • Support for Project CARS Pro
  • NEW: CDN Only Installer

Version – 8th August, 2019

  • Adjustments related to the header of the V4 interface
  • New engine value: lobbypcs — required with some free roam titles

Version 3.9.6 – 30th July, 2019

Version 3.9.5 – 29th July, 2019

  • Bug fix – Access Point version 3.9.4 may hung upon “Refresh”
  • Additions to the score tracking functionalities. Version 3.9.5 is required for Transpose
  • Improvements to the network negotiation process and the “Standalone Game Server” module
  • Minor adjustments to the Back button in the V4 Beta interface

Version 3.9.4 – 23th July, 2019

  • Bug fix – proper handling of the bonus time when given to a partially extended session
  • Added “Game Variants” support for the games delivered through Synthesis CDN
  • Added Plugins support for the game variants
  • First batch of Oculus Quest related additions

Version 3.9.3 – 11th July, 2019

  • Take videos off the idle playback
  • KATVR calibration from within the Synthesis launcher
  • Fixed Viveport support (recent Viveport changes broke the SynthesisVR integration)

Version 3.9.2 – 1st July, 2019

  • Added extra functionalities to the SynthesisVR Engine

Version 3.9.1 – 24th June, 2019

  • Bug: The station id may not apply properly (leading to SynthesisVR CDN content malfunctioning) – FIXED
  • Introducing support for a not yet released “KAT I/O Business” version
  • Free Roam Improvements: Multiple updates related to the “SynthesisVR Engine”, “Standalone Game Server” and auto provisioning
  • Slight reorganization on the V4 Interface – making the title texts readable on the first generation Vive and Rift
  • Other minor improvements

Version 3.9 – 5th June, 2019

Release notes

Version – 27th April, 2019

Version 3.8 – 17th April, 2019

  • Introducing Semi-Offline mode
  • Introducing Power Plan In Use functionality
  • Improved response speed in the Access Point application
  • The responsibility to end a session is taken off the VR Server Mode and given to the Access Point
  • The voice announcement events are taken off the VR Server Mode and given to the Access Point
  • MixCast VR Photobooth support
  • Extra back end functionalities related to the SynthesisVR CDN
  • Bug: newer SteamVR versions prevent Synthesis from unmuting previously muted games – FIXED
  • Bug: the local manifest file doesn’t always get generated for fresh installations – FIXED

Version 3.7.1 – 13th March, 2019

  • Introducing Automated Windows Power Management
  • Improvements on the Chaperones Management
  • Improved functionality of the Idle Playback and Session Counter popup in Offline Mode

Version 3.7 – 19th February, 2019

  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Introducing “Chaperones Management” (guide)
  • Introducing “Engine” (guide)
  • Introducing “Coin-op” (video)
  • The CDN access can be restricted only to admin accounts

Version 3.6 – 16th January, 2019

  • Stability and optimization changes
  • Content Delivery Platform
  • Basic support for KATVR
  • More stylish design of the desktop app

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