Access Point 3.16.X – Release Notes

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Version 3.16.7 – 7th September, 2020

  • Improvements related to session time synchronization ; idle playback ; removing CDN games
  • New functionalities for unannounced projects

Version 3.16.5 – 26th August, 2020

  • Bugfix — VR dashboard may re-open automatically if the VR cursor points outside of the Synthesis menu

Version 3.16.4 – 19th August, 2020

  • Overall improvements to the Access Point and the Voice Chat applications
  • Support for the “Broadcaster” mode of Project CARS Pro
  • Support for multiple dedicated game servers (as in the case of multiple free roam arenas running on the same LAN)
  • Improvements for yet unreleased free roam games as well EXA Verxus (player spawned in the open space due to the server and players being launched simultaneously)
  • Support for implementing a local queue system
  • Synthesis Engine support for the Command Calls

Version 3.16.2 – 3th August, 2020

  • Additional back buttons for the 2D launcher – they can be turned on under:
    • Administration >> [tab] Advanced Settings >> [dropdown] Customizations >> Branding & Voice Prompts >> [tab] Behavior >> Extra Back buttons
  • Improved Session Pause support
  • Support for Project CARS Pro – Version 0.94
  • Faster detection for manually closed experiences
  • Introducing programable NFC driven event system — allows hooking up third party billing platforms
  • A new localmanifest.json setting allows pausing the session timer while no game is running:
    • “pauseSessionCountdownWhenNoPID”: true,
  • Bugfix – a rare case where the 3D Island launcher doesn’t display the available games

Version 3.16.1 – 28th July, 2020

  • Enable additional (larger) back buttons in the 2D menu:
    • Administration >> [tab] Advanced Settings >> [button] Customizations >> Branding and Voice Prompts >> [tab] Behavior >> Extra Back buttons
  • When running multiple standalone game servers, now you can specify which VR stations the server supports:
    • Administration >> [tab] Arcade Setup >> [button] VR Stations >> [button] Edit (for the stations that has the Standalone Game Server module) >> Serving Stations

Version 3.16.0 – 22th July, 2020:

  • Improved resources consumption (RAM/CPU/GPU)
  • Improved handling of a memory leak caused by OpenVR. It was mostly affecting systems that don’t have SteamVR running all the time. As an example, system that run with the Vive Wireless Adapter
  • Improved Synthesis network negotiation processes. As an example, it is now possible to run multiple free-roam arenas or to start 2 or more concurrent Arizona Sunshine Arcade sessions
  • Project CARS Pro PPM tracking – the PPM charges will apply only when the player is racing. This allows, while on a PPM license, to keep the game running all the time.
  • Bugfix – localmanifest.json may get wrongly overwritten
  • Bugfix – the running game may not get properly muted/unmuted when the 2D menu is on front
  • Temporary “SynthesisVR Engine” values can be defined with – and --:
    • -playername=User — will set the player’s name to “User” until the SynthesisVR session is over
    • --playername=User — will set the player’s name to “User” until the currently running game is closed
  • Content studios can define server buttons to show up with the “Standalone Game Server” module. Example – The Raft received new Calibration and Start Game buttons.
  • The “Standalone Game Server” module now has an easy “Close game” button that also closes the game on all connected stations.
  • Bugfix – Offline Mode may not offer session options under specific conditions

2D Menu Changes:

  • The back arrow on the top left is moved to the middle of the top menu and the icon is changed to one better hinting to a “Back” related action
  • A new “Back” button is added under the “Play” button in a game view
  • A new search icon now works from any screen and help the players to easily navigate to a specific title they know they want to play
  • Upon launching a game, the view is automatically changed to the home screen
  • A game category can be set as a Home screen. This allows you to have a “Top games” category and highlight specific titles to your customers. Upon clicking the Back arrow, they can see the full list of categories
  • The voice chat icon is hidden for the single-player sessions
  • The Lobby support is disabled for the single-player sessions
  • Clicking on the SteamVR’s Steam Library and Steam Store icons will bring the player back to the Home SynthesisVR menu

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