Access Point 3.17.X – Release Notes

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Version 3.17.9 – 28th December, 2020:

  • Improvements on the Free Roam support
  • The interface would no longer freeze during a game update initialization
  • The game’s timeout during Demo mode would now only use the “Standby” HMD state.
  • Improvements related to launching Unreal Engine 4 games

Version 3.17.8 – 15th December, 2020:

  • Important Access Points adjustments

Version 3.17.7 – 23th November, 2020:

  • In the case of multiple dedicated game servers, the operator is now able to select the desired server in the game selection popup
  • Support for Project CARS Pro 0.943

Version 3.17.6 – 13th November, 2020:

  • Hotfix – Crashing Unity games

Version 3.17.5 – 11th November, 2020:

  • If bHaptics player is installed, but not running, Synthesis won’t attempt to connect to it (it was adding 4 seconds unnecessary delay at session start)
  • The restoration of previous save files is attempted only once per game per session.
  • Extended Synthesis Engine support for Windows environment variables
  • Proxy – upon Windows restart, wait for available network before entering the connection initialization loop
  • Proxy – automatically detect system time change (including DST) and synchronize with the cloud
  • Remote Windows restart option

Version 3.17.4 – 28th October, 2020:

  • Fix – sporadic save game issue with Half-Life: Alyx
  • New Download Cache experimental Access Point feature (under the System settings)
  • Fix – picking a game in the menu could be problematic if the controller doesn’t stand still. This is now addressed.
  • Optimized Access Point support for new game plugins and multiplayer sessions
  • The FPS for the “VR Menu Mirror” desktop window is lowered to 25
  • Optimized network negotiation process for LAN multiplayer games that don’t utilize the Standalone Game Server module

Version 3.17.3 – 12th October, 2020:

Version 3.17.2 – 5th October, 2020:

  • Bigfix: The top back button in the 2D launcher may not go back in the menu
  • Bigfix: Custom game variants do launch with the game default startup arguments
  • Bigfix: Upon Access Point restart, the “Semi-Offline Mode” button doesn’t properly display that the option has been previously enabled.

Version 3.17.1 – 1st October, 2020:

  • The Access Points now logs in the cloud the version of the games installed via the Synthesis CDN (so far this was performed only locally on the station)
  • With the Standard and Pro plans, running a game update on one station will also queue the update on all the other stations. This takes off the need to manually update each of them individually.
  • A new “disableFTDI” option is added to the localmanifest cheat sheet
  • The FTDI and USB monitoring support (used with the NFC integration) is now disabled for the CDN version

Version 3.17.0 – 28th September, 2020:

  • Fixed random crash to the Standalone Game Server module
  • Improvements to the multiplayer network negotiation process
  • Other stability improvements
  • OpenVR – Updated to version 1.14.15
  • Added 30 seconds timeout to the remote key activation
  • Improvements to the CDN installation process
  • New under the hood Synthesis Engine provisioning functionalities
  • Display engine data on the session countdown timer. Activate by configuring:
    • “Administration >> Advanced Settings >> Customizations >> Branding & Voice Prompts >> Behavior >> Display a second row on the session timer

      Example value:
    • svr:playername|Player [pcname] Ready#

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