Access Point 3.19.X – Release Notes

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Version 3.19.6 – 22nd November, 2021

  • Support for TCP port negotiation for games using the SynthesisVR WebSocket integration. The change fixes a concurrency issue between the Haze platform and games like Paranormal Pest Patrol and Blaster of the Universe: Infinity Forever
  • Initial support for the SDesk remote desktop application
  • Leaderboard related updates
  • Turning on Semi-Offline mode now have a confirmation popup
  • Automated installation of the 64bit 2015-2019 C++ redistributables — required for some games
  • Automated installation of .NET 5.0 (required for the SDesk app)
  • Fixed a case where sideloaded games may not appear in front
  • Previously muted games now gets automatically unmuted right before they get closed.
  • Leaderboard support for Incarna Chapter 1 and Incarna Chapter 2
  • Certain mining apps could be detected by SteamVR and that translates to the Access Point. They are now whitelisted.
  • Support for a new Pistol Whip game plugin, that resets the previous skin selection
  • The KATVR support is now unlocked for the CDN plan
  • Fixed a bug where a consequtive launch of the same game is recognized as being a relaunch of the previous game
  • Other minor adjustments
  • The Relaunch capability wasn’t supported when the Overlay launcher is disabled.

Version 3.19.5 – 22nd September, 2021

  • New: Nested categories for the VR Menu. You can now create a structure like: Multiplayer -> 4 Players -> [LIST OF GAMES] or Single Player -> Kids Friendly -> Multiplayer -> [LIST OF GAMES].
  • New: The “svr://” URLs are now supported with the Command Calls. This allows the creation of simple but useful Command buttons like: svr://relaunchLatestGame
  • New: The relaunch possibility itself is new and allows to join players back to crashed multiplayer games and without the need to restart the game for everyone.
  • New: Windows Registry provisioning. Allows automated configuration for games like LA Deadzone Free Roam and Mission Critical.
  • Synthesis Lobby – Prioritization of the network “Start” signals, fixing a race condition where a game launch can be attempted twice. Additional “under the hood” optimizations are added as well.
  • On PCs having 200+ installed Steam games on a HDD drive, upon PC restart, it takes over a minute for the Access Point to fully load. That time is now greatly optimized.
  • For PCs running the “Access Point Beta”, an easy [Downgrade] button is now available under “Access Point -> Settings -> System”.
  • In case of issues, the Synthesis debug flags are now added to the AccessPoint as clickable options.
  • Sideloading your own games is now easier.
  • Other minor adjustments

Version 3.19.4 – 24th August, 2021

  • Fix: Access Point crash when no cable is present
  • Fix: Synthesis Voice Chat app may fail to start
  • Better KATVR support for games available on both Steam and KAT I/O
  • Support for the new “Experience Type” Engine parameters
  • The countdown session timer is now processed through the Engine parameters, allowing greater flexibility.
  • The Engine now uses the | character as an “if empty” operator. An example use case is the desktop timer, where the following example setting “svr:playername|desktoptext|Virtual Reality#” will display the player and if there is no player name, then it will display the desktoptext parameter. If such parameter is not set (for let say the experience type), then it will simply display “Virtual Reality”.
  • Access Point keyboard shortcuts:
    • F1 = Toggles the “VR Menu Mirror”
    • F2 = Toggles the “Idle Playback”
    • F3 = Opens the “Desktop Menu”
    • F5 = Forces synchronization (same as clicking on the [Refresh] button)

Version 3.19.3 – 8th August, 2021

  • The previous Access Point’s UI code is now completely removed from the code base.
  • Upon starting a session, the games shows automatically under the Access Point.
  • Starting the 3D launcher from within the VR menu wasn’t functional when there is a running game
  • The SteamVR Notifications are now turned off automatically. The “steamvrdnd” debug flag would tell the system to ignore the SteamVR Notifications
  • SynthesisVR Engine support for language pre-selection for Blaston
  • Support for content installed via the Epic Store

Version 3.19.2 – 14th July, 2021

  • Synthesis Engine now supports multiple Lobby channels. This allows better handling and separation of what the customer is doing in the VR launchers and multiplayer games the operator launches through web
  • Certain whitelisted processes are excluded from going in front. Example: the cmd program that comes with Project CARS Pro
  • The Access Point’s local API port now can be changed to any port higher than 1000. The way Synthesis consumes the default 8080 port allows sharing it with other processes, but certain third-party software and apps are not adopting the same level of openness and demand port 8080 exclusively for them. Check our short guide

Version 3.19.1 – 1st July, 2021

  • Better handling of incomplete or non-working idle playback videos
  • A couple of Access Point options were displaying the wrong state
  • The “Preparing” state during the installation of CDN content is sensibly improved
  • Depending on how fast some game load, they weren’t starting in front
  • The automated Steam’s key activation is back!
  • Better support for Windows User names that contains space or hash characters
  • Some unnecessary data has been removed from the logs
  • Support for the new “ESSP Bill Acceptor” module
  • Initial support for an upcoming Racing Game
  • Additions to the “NFC Scripting” capabilities
  • Bugfix – the player may not be able to navigate back from a game category having multiple assigned, but only one accessible game
  • Improvements to the “Steam Lock” and how the “Steam Library” button is handled.
  • Other minor improvements and refinements
  • Exclusion of some Windows 11 apps from the processes monitoring.

Version 3.19.0 – 31st May, 2021

  • Replacing the standard WebBrowser control with the newer WebView2 control. This results in smoother Access Point experience as well better Idle Playback quality.
  • Bugfix: Save Games may not properly restore previous files
  • New scripting event: onWebSessionStart
  • Platform optimizations

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