Access Point 3.20.X – Release Notes

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Version 3.20.9 – 1st December, 2022

  • Access Point / Windows:
    • Gamepad / Keyboard navigation support for the Access Point Overlay menu
    • Updated Epic Games integration
    • Optimized support for certain accompanying apps (e.g. Discord, Easy Anticheat, Virtual Desktop)
    • Dedicated Game Server related optimizations
    • New Synthesis Engine handlers – allowing games to turn their own Voice Chat on/off based if the Synthesis Voice Chat app is currently running ; also allowing the games to detect if the PC is a dedicated game server
    • The 3D Launchers (Island 3D ; Rhythmatic ; Little Planet) are now delivered through the Synthesis CDN (similar to the games installation process). Updating from an older Access Point version will automatically migrate your existing launcher installations to the new delivery method. The custom (non-public) launchers are still delivered through the old method.
    • The CDN games now incorporates multiple Edge servers worldwide, resulting in significant download speed increase in many regions
    • New management functionalities unlocked to custom apps like the PortalX Kiosk app
    • Disabling the SteamVR Home environment through the Access Point now unlocks back the menu button (previously blocked to prevent the user from accessing unauthorized Steam installed games)
    • Upon closing the VR Mirror Window, the Access Point app will try to first put the already running game in front and then to maximize it
    • Optimizations related to the combination of Demo Mode + 3D Launcher
    • Functionalities related to the upcoming ReadyPlayerMe support
    • Support for static Proxy IP (i.e. the Proxy can be hosted in the Cloud)
    • Other Quality of Life improvements
  • Access Point / Android:
    • Fixed multiple crash cases
    • Many Quality of Life improvements
    • Optimizations related to the Auto Streaming mode and QuarkXR
    • Phase 1 of the advanced support for Focus 3 LBE mode – resulting in proper battery level detection and other system information
    • Improvement Synthesis Engine support
  • Proxy:
    • Local cache for certain internal data – allowing the Proxy to function properly after being restart on a PC that’s disconnected from the Internet
    • Fixed an issue that could result in Proxy crash under a very high network latency
    • Improvements for Cloud-hosted Proxy instances
    • Other Quality of Life improvements

Version 3.20.8 – 17th October, 2022

  • Access Point – Minor bug fixes
  • Access Point – Engine additions
  • Access Point – Support for Cloud-hosted proxies and manual network segmentation
  • Proxy – a new “Proxy Status” app is automatically delivered and provides a visual clue of the current network state. Also helps with detecting and alerting on multiple network Proxy instances
  • Android HMDs – the latest Quest firmware brought changes that could loop the QuarkXR PC connection. the problem is fixed and the new version is available through the MobileFuel App

Version 3.20.7 – 16th August, 2022

  • VR Overlay – both Windows (PCVR) and Android (Quest/Pico/Focus 3):
    • Better visual guidelines for the multiplayer setup
    • A new setting to control the lobby behavior: “Web >> Administration >> [tab] Extras > Branding & Voice Prompts >> [tab] Behavior >> Default Lobby system on the Overlay”
    • In multiplayer mode, the player can see who else has joined the lobby
    • When the user access the game page of the currently running game, a “Restart Game” button is now shown in front. The button helps to prevent relaunch issues that happens on SteamVR level
    • VR Overlay on Android HMDs (Quest/Pico/Focus 3) – improvements to the scrolling and the menu’s zoom level
    • VR Overlay – when the game trailer finish playing, if there are any per game options, they will be brought into focus
  • The “Content Overview” option that’s under the Synthesis Windows Tray menu no longer requires a running SteamVR instance to display the CDN games
  • Improvements to how the currently running game is reported to the Your Arcade page. It would no longer get stuck when Synthesis is not properly shut down.
  • Initial support for a new “Content Uninstall” option that will become available under the web administration
  • Support for the new leaderboard Proxy functionalities
  • Upon restarting a PCVR station that is in streaming mode, SteamVR doesn’t properly enable the Steam Home environment. Synthesis will overcome this by automatically disabling and re-enabling Steam Home
  • Fixed issue that was popping up upon plugging in an external storage device for a longer period + Windows + Access Point restart.
  • A new “SynthesisVR Leaderboard” is available for both Windows and Android (through Google Play). The new version supports leaderboard data coming from Android devices as well as the new Custom Branding module (available on an annual subscription)

Version 3.20.6 – 12th July, 2022

  • Added extra analytic data that is used under the “VR Stations” page (mostly to help with pinpointing QuarkXR-related issues)

Version 3.20.5 – 28th June, 2022

  • New SynthesisVR Logo
  • Synthesis Engine: “machinename” conditional support
  • SteamVR auto-restart is disabled while QuarkXR is installing
  • Fixed a Synthesis “Form Fail” crash that could happen with Project CARS Pro
  • Removed the limit of Proxy reconnect attempts
  • Better path definition support for the “Save Game” functionality
  • Added support for:
    • svr://size/minimize
    • svr://size/maximize
    • svr://size/normal
    • svr://size/close

Version 3.20.4 – 19th May, 2022

  • New game communication method – Synthesis-powered WebSocket Server
  • New: Initial Access Point plugins support / Setting the player name right from the Access Point
  • New: svr://stopIdlePlayback and svr:// startIdlePlayback local API endpoints
  • New: IPv6 support for certain Synthesis services
  • New: Automated installation of MSI installers distributed through Synthesis
  • New: Synthesis Engine support for “Instant” launch for certain games utilizing the dedicated game server module (e.g. NanoClash and The Hallow)
  • New: Android streaming automation (Focus 3 and Quest 1/2)
  • New: Single-Player free roam support for games requiring a dedicated game server
  • New: Synthesis Engine condition: is_dedicated_server (required for some upcoming games)
  • Additional control for the Spectator game instances (useful when an arcade has multiple zones with dedicated spectator instances)
  • Fix: The Access Point -> Proxy connection is automatically restored upon a long offline period (previously was requiring an Access Point restart)
  • Fix: The Access Point’s mouse click simulation could wrongly perform a double-click instead of a single-click
  • Fix: The Access Point wasn’t providing live updates to the Leaderboard app
  • Fix: The “On Close” Command Call rules could have resulted in a double execution
  • Due to a bug introduced with the latest Windows updates, the Idle Playback could randomly get stuck. The new version introduces a workaround for the issue.

Version 3.20.3 – 18th March, 2022

  • Fixed a critical SteamVR issue that appeared with the SteamVR update release on 17th March, 2022
  • New “Run As Admin” VR Station option – the option is available only when the Windows UAC (User Account Control) level is lowered.

Version 3.20.2 – 15th March, 2022

  • Proxy – Voice Server configuration adjustment
  • Configuration Support for changing the launcher size of the categories
  • “Command Calls” support for “System” Windows apps
  • Accompanying functionalities for an yet unreleased Synthesis remote management app
  • Quality of Life improvements and bugfixes

Version 3.20.1 – 24th January, 2022

  • Bugfix – there is a chance for the one-click multiplayer games to fail when launched through the web administration.

Version 3.20.0 – 18th January, 2022

  • Network negotiation related improvements
  • Voice-Chat troubleshooting tools
  • Focus 3 remote pairing support
  • Launcher support for new plugin settings
  • Other minor adjustments

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