How to auto-sync Leaderboard data to Google Sheets

Step 1 – Add the Jsonimport functionality Follow steps 1 to 4 to add the Jsonimport functionality: Step 2 – Prepare your SynthesisVR Leaderboard URL Step 3 – Create a new Google Sheets file Add 3 empty sheets: SynthesisData: Copy/paste the following formula under A1: Don’t forget to replace 11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111 with your actual Synthesis API […]

Quark XR – Automatic VR Streaming – The Guide

Heads up: if you want to know more about the past and the present, please jump on our “A brief history of VR Streaming” blog post. Prerequisite: 1. Login to your account, head to the Content Store, and search for “streaming”: 2. On the next popup, pick the PCVR stations that will be used for […]

How to change the Access Point web port

The Access Point’s local API port now can be changed to any port higher than 1000. The way Synthesis consumes the default 8080 port allows sharing it with other processes, but certain third-party software and apps are not adopting the same level of openness and demand port 8080 exclusively for them. Default Access Point local […]

Goods Management and Usage

This guide will go over the setup of the GOODS CONFIGURATION and the process of using goods to sell merchandise, add ons and so much more. Since our goal is to provide you with a flexible and customizable Goods section, you will see that there are no pre-set categories or items. That being said you […]

Selecting Game on Booking Widget

Have you ever wanted the ability for your customers to choose a game when they book a session? Now you can! This comes in handy when you have a virtual reality escape game experience where customers can only play one escape game for a certain amount of time, choosing the game will inform the operator […]

Loop through a list of titles on a predefined period

1. Create a new experience type 2. Assign it to the stations that would be in use 3. Create a new game category and assign all the games that are part of the playlist 4. Create a business rule that combines the new experience type and the game categories 5. Download and extract the following […]


The membership cards functionality is a powerful tool for converting your visitors to regular customers and being able to collect funds upfront. Creating New Membership Plan Login to your SynthesisVR admin Account and go to “Administration >> Extras  >>  Cards” Click the Three Dots on the top right corner – then click Add New Batch […]

Timeline View In Depth

Overview To switch between The Station View and the Timeline View, click on the “Timeline View” switch at the top. Note that this is a local switch and would need to be set on each of the devices that access the Your Arcade page. ​Station View: ​Timeline View: ​On the left side of the Timeline […]

Synthesis VR Setup – License Games

For game licensing, head over to the Your Games page: or From there click on the “Content Store” tab and you’ll see all the games available for licensing. ​On the left side you can either use the filters by clicking on them (green is selected, white is not selected). Or you can search by entering […]

SynthesisVR Log

For troubleshooting purposes and support related issues SynthesisVR log files provide a necessary insight on what could be the issue or for support team to better decipher a certain problem or track an activity. In cases like this knowing how to access to log file and sending it over to support is very important. To […]