Setup OBS

PART 1 – Setup capturing directory Setup the “Video Capture Storage Path” option of your arcade: Important: “D:\videoCapture” must be an existing directory on the PC running your Proxy. Once you change the setting, please restart your “SynthesisVR – Proxy” (similarly to the next image). PART 2 – SETUP OBS 1. Install OBS Studio ( […]

Disable the session start option from Access Point

SynthesisVR version 3.11 or later required   To disable the “Session Start” capability of the “Access Point” desktop app you have to: Edit: %localappdata%\SynthesisVR\app\Resources\localmanifest.json Add the following line: “disableAPSessionStart”: true Save the changes       You can disable the ability of starting games by adding the following line to the localmanifest.json file (similarly to the above […]

Chaperone Management

SynthesisVR – Chaperones Management The multiple “Experience Types” support is in Synthesis since our first days. W  have since extended the billing capabilities and allowed smart involvement of the same set of stations in functionary different activities. In other words – you can run “Room Scale” and “Free Roam” on a same group of PCs and have your billing to act exactly the way you expect it to work. As part of our grown, we are now automating the Chaperones, working once again to solve another piece of involved manual work. How […]

Setting up Wake-on-Lan

Wake-on-LAN (sometimes abbreviated WoL) is an industry standard protocol for waking computers up remotely. Wake-on-LAN is dependent on two things: your motherboard and your network card. Your motherboard must be hooked up to an ATX-compatible power supply, as most computers in the past decade or so are. Your Ethernet or wireless card must also support this […]

New Station or Hardware Changes

First Time Installation 1) Use the latest SynthesisVR Installer from 2) Go into your SynthesisVR web administration account and navigate to “Administration >> Arcade Setup >> VR Stations” 3) You will see the PC listed in there with the actual name of your computer. 4) Go to the “SynthesisVR Subscriptions” from the image above […]

Integrate Web Widgets with WIX

There are two ways you can add the widget: As a “Book Now” button across all the pages. It will open the widget in a popup in the site As a “Book Now” page containing the widget inside Book now button: Login into Wix Go to “Tracking & Analytics” from the side panel Click on […]

Understanding Your Charges

  At SynthesisVR we want our billing to be transparent and easy to follow for all our partners. Now that you have subscribed to SynthesisVR and started to license games, you can find all your charges and transaction history as follows:   How to access your transaction history and Invoices Go to Administration – Arcade […]

Booking Widget Setup

This Documentation will provide a step by step guide to setting up your booking widget, integrating it in to your WordPress website and other advanced configurations. On your left menu click Administration Click Advanced Settings – Web Widgets as shown below  This takes you to the Widgets Page. On the Booking Widgets TAB – Click the + […]

Reservation Tags

Real life usage case If you don’t yet have any employees, you definitely would have to hire some as your business grows. Then, you would create them “Operator” SynthesisVR accounts, as you wouldn’t want them to have full control over your setup. With this, certain functionalities would be limited. To name few: They wouldn’t be […]

Work Hours – By Game

The purpose of this Rule is to allow your arcade to act more like a traditional arcade where someone pays to play a game until a certain criteria is reached. For example, they play until they “die”, or play just a single round. Once the criteria is reached (set within the Game Categories section explained […]