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By default, SynthesisVR uses TTS to provide audio feedback to the players. The full list of supported languages is available under:

  • Administration >> [tab] Advanced Settings >> Customizations >> Branding & Voice Prompts –> Voice Language

If your preferred language isn’t among the supported ones, you could use pre-recorded audio file instead. To do that, you have to edit the first 8 settings from the “Branding & Voice Prompts” list of settings. Example:

  • End of session announcement:
    • playfile:C:\audioFiles\session_end.wav
  • Bonus time announcement:
    • playfile:C:\audioFiles\bonus_#bonusMinutes#.wav
  • Post-paid time announcements:
    • playfile:C:\audioFiles\postpaid_#timeSinceStart#.wav
  • Voice announcement about the time left:
    • playfile:C:\audioFiles\time_left_#timeLeft#.wav
  • Last voice announcement before the end of the session:
    • playfile:C:\audioFiles\final_announcement_#timeLeft#.wav
  • Audio notice on session start:
    • playfile:C:\audioFiles\session_start.wav
  • Audio notice on request for help:
    • playfile:C:\audioFiles\help.wav
  • Audio notice on game start:
    • playfile:C:\audioFiles\game_#title#.wav

With such settings in mind, each of your VR stations should have the folder C:\audioFiles\ and the folder should contain files like:

  • session_end.wav — announcing the end of the session
  • bonus_5.wav — announcing the player received 5 free minutes
  • bonus_10.wav — announcing the player received 10 free minutes
  • session_start.wav — announcing the start of the session
  • help.wav — telling the customer they will be assisted shortly
  • game_Arizona Sunshine Arcade.wav — announcing that Arizona Sunshine Arcade is about to start
  • game_Fruit Ninja VR.wav — Fruit Ninja VR is about to start
  • time_left_15.wav — the session will end after 15 minutes
  • final_announcement_5.wav — the session will end after 5 minutes and you can encourage the customer to extend the session


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