SynthesisVR Version 3.11 Changelog

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What’s new in 3.11 

On the experience type settings, you’ll find multiple new options:

  1. Define specific number of allowed stations – you can set specific allowed combinations of stations. As an example, if you want to enforce PvP games, you may want to set this option to an even number of stations – 2 ; 3 ; 6 ; 8
  2. Maximum number of stations in a session – self-descriptive
  3. Pause session on HMD idle — if the headset goes idle, Synthesis will pause the session time on the specific VR station. The counter will be resumed upon moving the HMD
  4. Intro video (webm URL) — specify the full URL of a webm file. This file will be played in the headset as soon as a session start. Can be used to give your customers an initial walkthrough.
  5. Outro video (webm URL) — specify the full URL of a webm file. This file will be played in the headset as soon as the session end. Can be used to guide your customers on how to remove the VR equipment.

Access Point new functionalities:

  1. Support for the Intro and Outro video options
  2. When the “VR Menu Mirror” is enabled, it will automatically pop up on the desktop while the player is looking at it. It will also get hidden when the player is back to the game
  3. Minimize button added to top left of the “VR Menu Mirror” window. Useful to get back to the desktop while the player is looking at the menu.
  4. “VR Menu Mirror” can be navigated through the keyboard. Supported keys: left,right,up,down arrows + Enter + Backspace. The hotkeys work, regardless of what application is on focus. This makes Synthesis a good solution for racing simulators without native VR input (controllers)
  5. “VR Menu Mirror” displays a cursor representing the controller position inside VR

Bug fix:

  • SynthesisVR Access Point may crash under the following conditions:
    • the V4 interface is in use
    • there is an ongoing session
    • one of the stations isn’t running any game
    • another station starts a game
  • The V4 interface may freeze when the player does fast clicking on the search icon
  • Optimized Search capability in the V4 interface


  • Better scrolling inside the VR Menu
  • Support for SteamVR being installed on a different drive than C:
  • Added an additional layer of DRM verification – this is supposed to bypass a SteamVR bug, where it sometimes starts the games as standalone processes and this causes DRM verification failure (PCPro as an example).

If you are currently running any version prior 3.10 – update instructions

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