Synthesis VR 2018

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Hi Arcade Owners,


After keeping quiet for some time, we are happy to be back with a brand new web site and a series of awesome news.


In the past few months, we have been working extremely hard to polish and simplify Synthesis VR and to prove ourselves as the one-of-a-kind system. In return, we received the biggest reward we could ever dream about – your trust. It is a real pleasure to constantly work with all of your and to receive such priceless suggestions about what you guys wants to see next. We are all doing the first steps of the VR industry together and now we are sure – it is going to last!


To hit in with the news, we are bringing the light back on the Synthesis VR commercial licensing platform. For the past 4 months, we became the most robust platform, providing unmatchable distribution options. You could use SynthesisVR to license games based on usage or on a fixed monthly fee. We even have few games offering lifetime license option. Adding to that, many games comes up with progressive billing, where as more you use as less you pay. This all indeed wouldn’t be possible without the help of our awesome partners – the people who create us the content that empowers all the arcades.


This post wouldn’t be enough to thank everyone, but we would like to welcome our newest partner; a company that in fact is well known to all of you – Survios. After testing the platform for the past few weeks, we are more than happy to announce the following games are now available on Synthesis VR and in our opinion, you shouldn’t miss licensing them for your arcades (at least this is what we’ll do for our own VR chain):


  • Raw Data Arcade – you all know what a top title Raw Data is, and “Raw Data Arcade” has been optimized for VR arcades
  • Sprint Vector Arcade – soon to be another top arcade title – brings a lot of fun and competition among the arcade customers
  • Smashbox Arena – no doubt, one of the best multiplayer games ever made
  • Jumanji VR – now you can add a huge selling point in your catalog


Stay tuned for more!

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