SynthesisVR Version 3.0

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Hi Fellow Arcade Owners,


As the out-of-home VR entertainments constantly gain more and more popularity, there are number of new solutions that aims to solve one or another issue. Usually, you would end up with a multitude of solutions such as:

  • games launcher
  • booking system
  • waiver service
  • discount solution(s)

As arcade owners, with your resourcefulness you would make all this work until the moment you have internet or server issues (ring a bell!) and then you realize you are in a heap of mess trapped in piles of unproductivity.

Don’t let some unfinished software dictate how you would be doing your own business. Use SynthesisVR – the only arcade management solution built based on actual business needs.

Now, we have some exciting news to share with you – SynthesisVR 3.0 now enters into a public beta and is already live in few of our early partnering arcades!

What’s new:

  • We listened to you and got rid of the static desktop window that was accompanying SynthesisVR since our first release. Now you can minimize and easily control all th sessions, start reservations and much.



  • Yes – it works OFFLINE as well. Now, you can use SynthesisVR for mobile events and demos outside of your main location. NO MORE UNPRODUCTIVITY!


  • We brought animations, trailers and games information to our 2D VR launcher. 2D launcher is a helpful tool to change games during game play, pause the game and take a look at other games. According to our survey and partners, having a 2D menu is very important as it helps switching games faster and prevents customers from exiting games by mistake.


  • You want to change the information for a game? We’ve got you covered:


  • It could be a pain installing new games or trying to license games on your VR stations. By licensing games through SynthesisVR, the system would take care and activate the games for you. As easy as pie!


  • Version 3.0 is just the beginning of our primary mission – achieving 100% self-service. Before, during and after the actual VR session. No excuses!


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