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Taking Mini Golf to the Next Level

Walkabout Mini Golf VR takes everything you love about the real-life game and makes it better. Putting is easy and natural, the physics are completely realistic, and a wide variety of courses provide the perfect challenge for hardcore golfers, and casual players alike. The golf is miniature, but the fun is huge!

The courses are majestic, immersive, challenging, and fun! Each 18-hole course is unique and rustic. This game replicates the feeling of classic mini golf in an out-of-this-world location.

Interconnected holes encourage you to explore the entire course, search for lost balls and invent your own trick shots using anything and everything in the environment.

Extremely accurate physics feel just like the real thing.

Mini Golf Multiplayer Fun

Just like real-life mini golf, Walkabout Mini Golf is better with friends! 8 players can join a private lobby with voice chat, across all platforms.

Perfect for VR Arcades

Walkabout Mini Golf is the perfect party game for a group of people walking into your VR Arcade. The game is fun, challenging, and sure to be a laugh for all ages. Play by yourself, meet someone new, or challenge your friends in a private game.

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