VR Management
& Licensing

Complete LBE Management Platform

branding, voice chat, licensing, location based management & more!

Increase Arcade Efficiency

Accept online & offline bookings, track your reservations, real time in-depth reporting, game licensing and best of all complete automation features help arcades manage the daily operations in the most efficient manner

Increase Customer Retention

Retaining customers is one of the most hardest parts in the business, with our smart waivers, customer management features, gift card and membership functionalities, keeping track of customers and retaining has never been more easy!


Manage and track reservations, in-depth reporting, manage your game licenses and customers, now all in one place increasing efficiency and growing your business

Deliver Awesome Customer Experience

With our 360 Game launcher, intuitive tutorials and voice interaction between friends and family, deliver a seamless and immersive customer experience

Cater Multiple Experiences

With Synthesis VR you can cater a wide variety of experiences based on different demography unlike any other. Parental controls and unlimited game categories and experiences make sure customers get the best possible experience

Video Recording & Streaming

With real time game play and customer recording, YouTube and twitch streaming, you can not only deliver the best immersive experience but also capture it in real time, etching your arcade in the customer’s memory

Game Launcher with Purpose

Finally a fully automated game launcher!

Easily access or switch games without interrupting your current game play, watch introductory videos about each game before selecting a game, unlimited game categories and parental controls, session time and call for help and much more to help customers have the best user experience.

Game Launcher Features

  • Pause games and continue
  • Save your progress for later
  • Call for help
  • Intuitive tutorials
  • Video game preview
  • Voice interaction with friends

Above the Competition 98%

User Satisfaction Rating 99%


Flexible pricing options

Standard Plan

$25/ month

Free 14 Day Trial

Free Remote installation & Assistance

No credit card required

Free Custom Branding

Cancel Anytime

Turnkey Plan

A Complete turnkey solution that helps entrepreneurs and arcade owners realize their dreams in owning and setting up a VR arcade in a short period of time and minimal effort

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Only solution for complete arcade automation

There are many platforms to manage your arcade but nothing like Synthesis VR (SVR). SVR Automates most functions and increases your arcade efficiency by 60%. It is the only mature solution with custom branding, Game launcher that doesn’t interrupt game play, waiver and customer management and countless more features.
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How We Help Arcades Grow


A Complete branded solution with Free Installation and one on one Training and Set UP.

Marketing and Customer retention programs to help grow and maintain customers. Easily integrate with MailChimp and other marketing automation platforms.

Integration with any merchant provider to accept payments online, over the phone and walk ins. Widget with API to easily accept booking on your own website.

Using state of the art technology to help arcades deliver a powerful immersive experience with interactive voice chat, mixed reality and voice support.

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