Local Manager (Standalone) – Install Synthesis VR On A Standalone Headset

Synthesis VR Local Manager Install Synthesis VR on standalone headsets

Introduction This is a guide for how to install the Synthesis VR application on standalone, android-based VR headsets such as the Meta Quest, HTC VIVE Focus 3, and Pico. Requirements Step 1: Open the Local Manager Application Step 2: Plug the Headset into the Computer If your computer does not recognize hat your headset is connected, make sure your headset is in Developer Mode, and has USB Debugging turned ON. Step 3: Enter a Name for the Headset, Click “Provision to Synthesis VR” Step 4: Wait for Synthesis VR to Install

Local Manager (Standalone) – Install/Uninstall/Update Content On Standalone Headsets (Quest/Focus 3/Pico)

Synthesis VR Local Manager Install/Uninstall/Update Content on Standalone Headsets

Introduction This guide will show you how to manage licensed content on multiple standalone headsets wirelessly using the Local Manager Application. How to License Content: https://synthesisvr.com/knowledge-base/licensing-games/ This article is in regards to standalone android-based headsets, such as a Meta Quest, HTC Focus 3, or Pico. You can select multiple games to install, and they will automatically start, one after the other, via the new command queue. You can install content on multiple headsets at one time. Step 1: Plug the Headset into the Computer If your computer does not recognize hat your headset is connected, make sure your headset is in Developer Mode, and has USB Debugging turned ON. When you see the green android logo, you can safely disconnect your headset from the computer. At this point, you can now plug in another headset you’d like to manage, if you choose to do so. Step 2: Go to the “Actions” Menu, Select “Licenses” Step 3: Select The Content You Would Like To Install You can select multiple items. They will be added to a queue. Step 4: The Content Is Added To Your Queue The first item in your queue will start the installation process. View and Manage the Queue The white box next to the name of your Headset will show you how many items are in your queue. Select it to view and manage your queue. You can remove an item from your queue by clicking “Clear” on an item, if you change your mind. Queue Multiple Items Across Multiple Headsets Feel free to queue multiple items across multiple headsets. They will all complete automatically.

Local Manager – Individual Device / Station Settings

Synthesis VR Local Manager, Individual Device and Station Settings

Settings and more functionalities for each Device Clicking on the settings button will open up dynamic information and settings for the respective device in the Dynamic Section. The information and functionality displayed maybe different for each device based on the device setup and whether it’s powered on or not. Click the Settings Icon as shown below: Additional Android Headset Settings Clicking the Android Device setting icon will reveal more information: SynthesisVR provides additional controls that can be easily managed using the Local Manager. For more information on how to setup your Quest with SynthesisVR click here. LBE Mode We have introduced the “LBE Mode” tab for Pico 4 Enterprise and Focus 3. This tab provides various settings and options that you can customize based on your preferences. Control VR Streaming The “Streaming” tab enables you to select the device that will be paired with the headset, simplifying the process of connecting and disconnecting headsets from PCs.

Local Manager – How To Launch Games

Synthesis VR Local Manager, How To Launch Games

Launching games is a breeze using the Local Manager. With these 4 easy steps you can launch any game in an efficient and seamless manner. These steps are explained in detail below. Launch any Game using Dynamic Section Step 1: Choose Game – Once a game is selected, the operator is presented with more options: Step 2: Select the stations the game needs to be launched from the Device Section and Click Continue Multiple stations can be selected for a multiplayer session. Simply click all the stations that need the game to be launched as shown below. Note: The Local Manager will only show the devices or stations that are capable of running the game and conveniently hides all other devices or stations from the Dynamic Section. Step 3: Additional Game Launch Settings for more convenience SynthesisVR supports one-click multiplayer options for games that have integrated with SynthesisVR. The Local Manager uses this integration and provides a convenient way for operators’ to quickly select certain launch options and launch the game. Not all games support these types of options. For games that do not support additional game launch settings, you will only see the Launch button. Once the game is launched, the operator can see in the Device Section the game that is running on each Device or Station. Note: Quick View provides an instant view of the Station as shown above once the game is launched. Stopping a Game By pressing the red “X” button, you will stop the game on the station.

Local Manager – How To Manage Games & Content on Your Device or Station

Synthesis Vr Local Manager, Manage Games and Content

Bookmark or Add Certain Games or Content to Favorites Games that are bookmarked will be shown on the top as seen below for easy access. This is a convenient way for operators to quickly launch a game that is popular at the VR location. The Local Manager also provides an easy way for operators to manage their games and VR content by providing a convenient way for operators to see which devices or stations have the games installed, need update or easy way to uninstall games etc. Method 1: Advanced Game Settings Once a game is selected, click the Gear button for additional game or content related settings. Update, Install and Uninstall Games The “Install” tab displays all available stations where the game can be installed. Conversely, the “Uninstall” tab provides information about where the game is currently installed and allows you to remove it from those stations if needed. Method 2: Managing your games through your Device or Station Click on the “Gear” icon on the right side of the stations. This is applicable for PCVR and Standalone Headsets as well. After selecting the station, click the “Content & Apps” tab on the right to view and choose from the currently installed games and content. Clicking on any game or content will give you the options mentioned in Method 1 above. Manage the Gaming Server or Host PC To assign games requiring a server, access the standalone server’s settings, and navigate to “Content & Apps.” You can assign and unassign the games requiring a game server from here.  

Local Manager – Understanding The User Interface 

Understanding the Local Manager interface is crucial for operators, and this knowledge greatly facilitates smooth operations. Filtering Stations You can now filter the stations that you see in the Device Section by clicking on the “Settings” gear next to Stations. Changes made to the Stations List as shown below will reflect on how the devices are shown in the Device Section. We introduced these options to simplify arcade management, particularly for larger venues with multiple stations and devices. Device Section The Device section contains all your gaming PCs and Standalone Android Headsets such as Quest, Focus 3 and PICOs running SynthesisVR Access Point. Each Device is listed with icons denoting certain information that can be gleamed instantly by the operator which are useful during operations. Hovering over certain icons will reveal more information. Lets take a closer look at the devices and its icons: Note: If a station icon appears in gray, it cannot be chosen for selection, irrespective of its online status. This rule predominantly pertains to gaming servers or host PCs as shown below:

Local Manager – An Introduction

Synthesis VR Local Manager, An Introduction

This serves as an all-encompassing guide for harnessing the potential of the LOCAL MANAGER (LM), a desktop application designed for VR businesses. Throughout this documentation series, we will explore the essence of LM, take a look at its conceptual framework, illustrate how LM can help operators manage content, and ultimately, demonstrate how to launch games while delivering an exceptional experience to customers. What is Local Manager? Conceived with the aim of simplifying arcade operations while meeting operators’’ desires for user-friendly experiences, the LM app emerged to address unmet needs within the VR arcade landscape. By ingeniously combining advanced technology with an intuitive GUI, this app serves as a practical solution, reflecting our commitment to reshaping industry norms. It enhances VR experiences, granting arcade owners unprecedented control and satisfaction, seamlessly integrated within a pioneering platform. Notably, it stands as the exclusive app operating both PC VR and Standalone VR headset content, uniting them within a single interface, marking a new era in VR arcade management and content licensing. To summarize, The Local Manager is a powerful, desktop application designed for VR locations, arcades, and venues. With LM, LBVR businesses can efficiently oversee their operations on a single PC. The LM app enables you to launch games in multiple stations, manage games and content on your PC and VR headsets, launch games on your Android standalone headsets, control streaming options and LBE options with popular standalone headsets and much more. Great, do I have to subscribe to use Local Manager? The LM is available to everyone, existing and new customers of SynthesisVR. If you’re new to SynthesisVR and lack an account, you can easily obtain a free account by reaching out, allowing you to experience the app’s benefits firsthand. Dependencies To run the Local Manager, you will need the following: Note: Please be advised that the Local Manager should be installed on the PC that you will be using to launch and manage your games remotely. In most cases, this would be the front desk PC or operator PC of the VR Arcade. Manual: