Synthesis VR Local Manager, An Introduction

Local Manager – An Introduction

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This serves as an all-encompassing guide for harnessing the potential of the LOCAL MANAGER (LM), a desktop application designed for VR businesses. Throughout this documentation series, we will explore the essence of LM, take a look at its conceptual framework, illustrate how LM can help operators manage content, and ultimately, demonstrate how to launch games while delivering an exceptional experience to customers.

What is Local Manager?

Conceived with the aim of simplifying arcade operations while meeting operators’’ desires for user-friendly experiences, the LM app emerged to address unmet needs within the VR arcade landscape. By ingeniously combining advanced technology with an intuitive GUI, this app serves as a practical solution, reflecting our commitment to reshaping industry norms. It enhances VR experiences, granting arcade owners unprecedented control and satisfaction, seamlessly integrated within a pioneering platform. Notably, it stands as the exclusive app operating both PC VR and Standalone VR headset content, uniting them within a single interface, marking a new era in VR arcade management and content licensing.

  • Seamless Integration: The app bridges the gap between complex arcade operations and user-friendly management, streamlining tasks and allowing arcade owners and operators to focus on providing exceptional gaming experience.
  • Universal Compatibility: Offering the unique capability to operate both PCVR and Standalone content, the app caters to a wider range of games, maximizing the variety available to players.
  • Intuitive Control: Through an easy-to-use GUI, the app empowers both arcade owners and gamers with unprecedented control, ensuring efficient game launching, monitoring, and management within a single, cohesive interface.
  • Offline Functionality: The app operates offline, reducing dependency on constant internet connectivity, ensuring reliable performance, and safeguarding against potential disruptions, thereby enhancing stability and user experience.

To summarize, The Local Manager is a powerful, desktop application designed for VR locations, arcades, and venues. With LM, LBVR businesses can efficiently oversee their operations on a single PC. The LM app enables you to launch games in multiple stations, manage games and content on your PC and VR headsets, launch games on your Android standalone headsets, control streaming options and LBE options with popular standalone headsets and much more.

Great, do I have to subscribe to use Local Manager?

The LM is available to everyone, existing and new customers of SynthesisVR. If you’re new to SynthesisVR and lack an account, you can easily obtain a free account by reaching out, allowing you to experience the app’s benefits firsthand.


To run the Local Manager, you will need the following:

Note: Please be advised that the Local Manager should be installed on the PC that you will be using to launch and manage your games remotely. In most cases, this would be the front desk PC or operator PC of the VR Arcade.


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