TARGO Stories now moving to Pay Per Play Billing

Targo Stories IN VR Arcades

TARGO, makers of captivating virtual reality documentaries is moving to Pay Per Play billing to make it easy on everyone. Starts August 1st, 2020. TARGO leverages technology and innovative storytelling to provide a perspective only possible through the virtual reality medium. As some of you would have already found out by subscribing to TARGO Documentaries […]

Free Commercial Licensing

Ubisoft Eagle Flight Arcade & Space Junkies Arcade Absolutely FREE! Los Angeles – June, 2020 Ubisoft is offering Eagle Flight Arcade and Space Junkies Arcade FREE from July 7th (12am EST) to September 30th (11:59pm PST) for all location based virtual reality entertainment centers all over the world. If you have not subscribed to Eagle […]

KOORING Wonderland VR

Amazing kids VR Experience! Los Angeles – June, 2020 Introducing KOORING Wonderland VR, an amazing VR experience build ground up for kids all ages. A VR adventure about two friends Kooring and Tooring. Kooring is on the mission of rescuing his friend Tooring and bring back love and laughter to their Wonderland. In order to […]

Yoren – Cutting edge wizardry and magic at your Fingertips!

Yoren – Are you wizard enough? Los Angeles – June, 2020 These are very confusing and difficult times for everyone. Virtual Reality entertainment centers play a pivotal role in normalizing life, with rooms that are separated from each other, Players can get their much-needed entertainment in a safe and controlled environment. We are SynthesisVR realize […]


VRMIS Arena at 20% OFF for SynthesisVR customers   Los Angeles – March, 2020   KAT VRMIS Arena – Take your VR Entertainment to the next level KAT VRMIS (Multiplayer Infinite Space) Arena is a cutting-edge virtual reality gaming arena customized to effectively meet the requirements of modern E-Sport. VRMIS system breaks the limitations of […]

SynthesisVR and KATVR together for a unified ecosystem

SynthesisVR and KATVR together for a unified ecosystem   Los Angeles – August 22, 2019   Synthesis VR, a complete management, game enhancement and licensing platform for location-based VR (LBVR) entertainment centers, today announced its partnership with KAT VR, the creators of KAT WALK and KAT Mini omnidirectional treadmills, KAT Loco and KAT VRMIS Arena. […]

Paper Fire Rookie Arcade: Blazing Hit In Arcades

Paper Fire Rookie Arcade: A Blazing Hit In Arcades Paper Fire Rookie Arcade is based of the award winning vr exclusive game Paperville Panic, adapted for LBVR. The premise of being a fire fighter attracts the attention of fun seekers. Once the game begins, Paper Fire Rookie delivers the goods. Embarking on an imaginative mission, in […]

5 Ways To Boost LBVR Sales In The Summer

The smell of fresh cut grass and barbecue is in the air. The kids are out of school for the summer and vacation destinations will be in full swing. With virtual reality locations around the globe no 2 markets will be exactly the same. In general though there will be more competition with outdoor activities […]

Repeat customers: Memberships

LBVR will need to achieve higher rates of returning customers as virtual reality matures.  Having a monthly membership option can increase your returning customers.