RustDesk: Installation Guide

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RustDesk: Installation Guide

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RustDesk is a free to use platform that allows us to connect remotely and see what is happening on your PC. It is the preferred method that we in SynthesisVR use in order to troubleshoot issues, or when helping a new customer with installing setting up SynthesisVR and games for the first time.

The process is fairly straight forward. If this is your first time setting up a SynthesisVR access point, you will need to follow the steps from this article: in order to download the Synthesis installed and install and Access point.

Once you have installed an access point, or if you’ve already had one then all you need to do is open it, and click on the “Install RustDesk” button.

RustDesk will create a shortcut on your desktop and by opening it, you will be able to see your unique ID and password that you can provide to the support team in order for them to take control of your PC.

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