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Zero Caliber VR: 4 Player Co-op


Zero Caliber VR 

Zero Caliber virtual reality arcade gameNow available on Synthesis VR 50% off!

 Zero Caliber is different than other first person vr shooters as it is a co op game. It is highly detailed mission based game where players start in a war room with access to training, gun range, and intel. The weapons in Zero Caliber are fully customizable. With rifles, shotguns, and pistols, players can physically swap out stocks, forends, and optics to trick out their load out, making it more realistic then just selecting gun options  from a menu.   The first mission is a bootcamp where players shoot, duck, climb, and partake in multiple training drills to prepare for battle. Once bootcamp is finished players move onto the missions. Each mission is carried out with instruction given over voice coms from headquarters. This engaging story line will easily keep players occupied for their entire session. Experiencing a story driven war game in VR only gets better with friends. Players can squad up to 4 in both online and lan options. Missions are realistic battlefields  where taking cover is important to survival. Duck, crouch, sneak, peek around a corner, clear obstacles with real-life movements. Zero Caliber VR is full with immersive assets,good AI and graphics. It will soon offer PVP also. Zero Caliber is available now with both ppm and monthly pricing options. 50% off through the month of June.

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