5 Fun VR Arcade Games At A Great Value

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5 Fun VR Arcade Games At A Great Value!

As the old saying goes,”content is king” in the entertainment business. The consumption of location based virtual reality content is a new challenge to the old adage. Most VR arcade goers are still first timers,and only a few VR titles reach the public’s awareness. Finding the right balance of content is paramount to the success of a VR arcade. Offer to little content and you may risk losing repeat customers looking for something new, offer too many titles without quality control can lead to a bad experience. Regardless of the business model or philosophy, Synthesis VR is an open content platform. With these articles we hope to curate categories of games to highlight content for location based VR arcades to help diversify your library. Take a look at these top rated vr  games that provide tons of fun, and at a low cost.



Sam & Dan: Floaty Flatmates

Sam & Dan Virtual Reality Arcade Game
Apocalypse buddies are buddies for life.

You and your buddy survived the apocalypse that left the world flooded. You will need to work together and traverse the water world to make it to safety alive. You play as either Sam and Dan. Communication is key as there is a big shark in the water waiting for you to make a mistake. Sam & Dan: Floaty Flatmates co-op mode is a blast but it also has a verses mode. In verses mode you have turned against each other. You have to build a bridge to get to the bow before he does and fire it at him. This title is fun and unique with a very affordable ppm rate. Check out Sam & Dan Floaty Flatmates for your next library update. You guest will appreciate it.


Will you survive?

Irreversible sends hordes of zombies at you. The beauty in this game is its simplicity and satisfaction you get equipped with duel wielding AK47’s, glock 9’s, sniper rifles, and samurai swords. No tutorial or on-boarding needed, just shoot and slice your way to the high score. No reloading necessary players get higher scores for better kills like head shots. Its a great way to hop into zombie slaying easily. IrreVRsible is a great option to round out your library with a very low ppm option.


Starbear Taxi

VR Arcadegame Starbear Taxi
Starbear Taxi, a fast-paced VR arcade game

Starbear taxi is a novel and fun for all ages fast paced arcade game. With its RC flight control system, players race around a futuristic city to deliver as many busy bears as they possible can. Avoid the bandit raccoons that try to get you and post a high score. With polished cartoony graphics, dynamic soundtracks, intuitive controls and leaderboards, Starbear taxi will fit in great in your library. Add it today with a low ppm option.



Unbreakable VR Runner

Virtual Reality Arcade game
Dodge and score!

Unbreakable Vr Runner is a classic coin catcher game built entirely for VR. The rules are simple. Players dodge, duck, and avoid obstacles while trying to collect as many coins and candies possible to beat the high score. Featuring 4 different levels including a new SoundVrCatcher update where players collect music beats. The beats will spawn with the tempo of the music that players get to pick from youtube. Unbreakable VR runner is addictively fun and will have your guests hunting for the high score. Add this game to your library at a great value.




Holopint Location Based VR Game
On point mayhem!

Holopoint is all about focus, aim, and stamina. This progressive wave archery game will test your determination. Players fight there way through responsive targets, samurai, and dangerous ninjas.Sixty waves in total, challenge your guest to completing them all! Holopoint is available on synthesisVR location based virtual reality licensing platform today!


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